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Case Packer CP115

A packaging machine that offers flexibility, easy access and does only require minimum space - this sounds too good to be true? Gevas cartoners fulfill all these requirements due to many infeed and grouping possibilities that are adjustable to your requirements. Gevas Case Packers package hygiene products like diapers, adult incontinence products, pants and bed pads with recyclable shipping material that offers maximum protection for transportation to the end-user and are easy to stack due to their cubed shape.


  • Carton packages are generally standardized - in size and material
  • Very common and available worldwide
  • Maximum protection during transport
  • Sturdy and stackable
  • Clear, cubed form supports stacking and offers optimal use of space during shipping
  • Carton opening and folding for gentle product handling
  • Inline carton erector is refillable without stopping the machine
  • Fully automatic processing from carton erection to product infeed and grouping to closing of the carton - to be integrated into the production lines 
  • 24/7 operation
  • Quick format change over / quick change over design
  • Diverse infeed and grouping formation, as well as a compact design
  • Easy accessibility
Carton packing will provide soft products with packaging stability.

You need a high quality case packer? Consider the Case Packer CP 115. This compact packaging machine reaches an output of fifteen cartons per minute and is capable of feeding between 75 and 120 products per minute. The fully automatic carton erector provides a perfect open carton - ready to be filled and handles the product very gently. The continuous process is also fully automatic: from the product infeed to the grouping and the carton closing. The case packer offers many possibilities: for the product infeed and different configurations. Select your product grouping preference: “flat on face”, “upended lengthwise” or “upended crosswise and upright”.


Flat on Face

Upended lenghtwise 

Upended crosswise and Upright

We are happy to support you with the configuration of your film case packer. Just send us your requirements.

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