GEVAS Multi Packer

The Gevas Multi Packer BMP260 is the flexible secondary packaging solution for package configurations and product sizes.

Multi Packer BMP 260

The new Code for Multi Packers

The BMP260 accumulates the required number of pre-packaged wet wipes or similar hygiene products and combines them into quality sales packages in a premade polyethylene bag. In addition, the multi packer offers maximum flexibility and easy accessibility, as well as diverse infeed and grouping formations. 


  • Fully automatic from the product infeed to the bag closing
  • Integration into production lines
  • 24/7 operation
  • Quick format change over / quick change design
  • Diverse infeed and grouping formations
  • Compact design
  • Easy access
  • Adaptable, flexible orientation of the product in the bag
  • Gentle product handling
  • High quality sales packaging

An attractive sales package that excites consumers - this is easy with the Gevas Multi Packer. The Multi Packer packages challenging hygiene products economically in representative secondary packages. Your hygiene products can be flexibly oriented in multiple configurations in the bag. The easy accessibility of the Multi Packer allows for fast and easy format changes. Three different basic product configurations are available: “upended”, “upended / 2-layer” and “flat on face / 2/3-layer.



Multipacker Configuration:Upended

Upended / 2-Layer

Flat on Face / 2/3-Layer

Multi Packer Configuration: Flat on Face / 2/3-Layer
We are happy to support you with the configuration of your multi packer. Just send us your requirements.

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