GEVAS Wrappers

Cost Efficient Secondary Packaging and Sustainable Material Use

Film is an excellent, cost effective material to protect products during transportation. All sides of the product are wrapped offering all-round protection from weather and moisture during transportation. The Gevas wrappers generate a tight and secure secondary package that utilizes the firmness of the product and therefore supports stacking. Our wrappers produce bundles for hygiene products like diapers, adult incontinence products, pants or bed pads.

Bundler W208

GEVAS Wrapper

Bundler W215

GEVAS Wrapper


  • Film on rolls means: plenty of packaging material in a small area during shipping and storing, allowing you to reduce your logistics costs.
  • The package always adjusts to the content: The polyethylene film stays tight around the product to maximize space utilization.
  • Film allows us to create customized bundles. Therefore, format limitations for shipping are a thing of the past. 

Secondary packaging material made from polyethylene film is sustainable due to its compactness and recyclability. 

  • Our wrap-around machinery is fully automatic and ready to be integrated into production lines
  • Robust design for a 24/7 operation
  • More production time due to quick format change overs / quick change design
  • Maintenance and operator friendly due to easy accessibility
  • Space-saving due to a compact layout
Polyethylene film protects your product from moisture and weather with all-around wrapping.


Flat on Face

Wrapper Configuration: Flace on Face


Wrapper Configuration: Upended

Upright cross

Wrapper Configuration: Upright cross
We are happy to support you with the configuration of your film wrapping machine. Just send us your requirements.

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